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SQL Server 2005: List all databases

List all the databases on SQL Server: ----SQL SERVER 2005 System Procedures EXEC sp_databases EXEC sp_helpdb ----SQL 2000 Method still works in SQL Server 2005 SELECT name FROM sys.databases SELECT name FROM sys.sysdatabases ----SQL SERVER Un-Documented Procedure EXEC sp_msForEachDB 'PRINT ''?'''

Service Unavailable of IIS

Today after installed some Windows patches to the server and reboot, one of a website does not work. It shows "Service Unavailable" when browse it. I try to restart the website but problem still exist. Finally found that the Application Pools cannot start properly because of the AD account used have changed the password.

SQL: Insert custom value into IDENTITY column

SET IDENTITY_INSERT clienttable ON insert into EmployeeTable ... SET IDENTITY_INSERT clienttable OFF

C#: Cannot cast DBNull.Value to type 'System.DateTime'. Please use a nullable type.

Today I got "Cannot cast DBNull.Value to type 'System.DateTime'. Please use a nullable type." error in the C# application. After my trace, it is caused by this line: DateTime? moveOutDate = dt.Rows[0].Field ("MoveOutDate"); You should make it as: DateTime? moveOutDate = dt.Rows[0].Field ("MoveOutDate");